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On-line noise monitoring platform

NoisePlatform is an on-line platform that displays and dynamically analyses, in real time, the noise measured by a network of sensors that can monitor the entire area affected by noise-generating activities.

  • A step forward in noise monitoring to fight sound pollution by covering a broader area and time period with multiple sensors (TA120)
  • Economically sustainable. NoisePlatform offers low sensor, maintenance and platform usage costs
  • High-precision data measurement, utterly reliable transmission of information and totally secure data storage
  • NoisePlatform delivers access, display, analysis, downloads and reports of the LAeq function and a selectable extra function (LCeq, LAFmax or LASmax) 100%-on-line without the need for any software, thus guaranteeing permanent availability
  • APPLICATIONS:  Cities (Smart Cities), Environmental, Building, Industrial Noise, Leisure activities, etc.

Main Features


NoisePlatform heralds a step forward in noise monitoring.

Hitherto, monitoring projects were usually implemented with a single terminal that was transported to different sites due to its high cost. This meant that the information available was not simultaneous and the terminal installation costs were higher. NoisePlatform works with a mixed network of sensors and terminals that does away with all these obstacles to deliver continuous and multi-point noise monitoring. Moreover, it opens up the possibility of performing mandatory monitoring and control of any permanent (a company's perimeter area) or temporary (a concert) noise activity, which was more difficult in the past due to the cost or number of terminals


Due to the considerable price difference between the market terminals and the TA120 sensors, users can now afford to purchase the sensors for themselves. 

Moreover, the combination of their unbeatable cost and minimum maintenance enables users to deploy as many sensors as needed to cover the area to be monitored.

These features are complemented by the platform's low total cost of use, making it the most comprehensive and accessible system on the market for dealing with and managing noise pollution


The system uses sensors with class 1 measuring precision according to IEC 61672-1.

Another important and outstanding feature is its high data transmission reliability, allowing users to take decisions confidently because the information received is always accurate.

Finally, it should be mentioned that it is a totally secure system, since it works with a replicated database architecture method and the data are backed up daily. It uses a secure server certified with 256-bit SSL encryption.

100% ON-LINE

Acces: NoisePlatform does not require the installation of software since the entire service is cloud-based (IoT).  

NoisePlatform can display project information in real-time. This offers the user the advantage of being able to take decisions and apply immediate solutions

It automatically performs the most tedious calculations, such as changing the time base or the recalculation of sections by time periods (LD,LE,LN, LDEN). Moreover, it makes it possible to compare levels between different time periods or different terminals on the basis of which the user will take the relevant decisions. NoisePlatform has an alarm option to warn the user before a noise limit is exceeded


CITIES ( Smart Cities)

Local administrations are increasingly more committed to the control noise. For this purpose, strategic noise maps are produced and action plans are implemented.

NoisePlatform facilitates the deployment of a network of sensors in the areas studied in order to collect and store real-time noise level data.

The continuous generation of reliable data for monitoring action plans enables the rapid assessment of these plans' effectiveness and the taking of decisions regarding their continuance, thus saving time and economic resources.


The supralocal administrations manage environmental noise by means of action plans to reduce or prevent noise pollution in road, railway, airport or seaport infrastructures, and to safeguard noise quality in designated quiet areas.

NoisePlatform performs the most monotonous jobs: recalculation of time bases, Day/Evening/Night mean calculations, incident analysis, comparison with the regulatory limits.

It can also quickly assess the effectiveness of action plans applied, saving time and economic resources.


Construction, refurbishing or demolition work on buildings is a part of modern and dynamic cities, but it also greatly contributes to increasing environmental noise pollution.

NoisePlatform continuously receives noise levels from different points on the site and makes it possible to check and substantiate that the maximum levels permitted have not been surpassed. It also verifies fulfilment of operation timetables.
In this way, on-site workers and the noise quality of the immediate environment are both protected.  


The main inconvenience of industrial noise normally lies in the presence of highly time-specific and quantitatively parameterised fixed noises, compounded by intermittent noises which often lead to offences for being over the limits and which sporadic or one-off measurements cannot assess.

NoisePlatform's continuous monitoring function can detect noises from intermittent sources or focal points by the actual industrial activity or due to elements in bad condition. And its warning system permits immediate action.


Most leisure activities involve high levels of noise, which may be due to loud music or the levels generated by the actual activity.

NoisePlatform also controls as many points as necessary (public and workers' areas and nearby housing) and presents information in level-versus-limit graphic format, thus facilitating assessment to ensure compliance with the applicable regulations.

Moreover, it has an alarm system so that corrective action can be taken before excessive noise levels are actually surpassed.


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