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Vibration Calibrator

User-friendly precision calibrator, which makes it the perfect instrument for the verification of vibrometers.

  • User-friendly, precision instrument
  • Verification of accelerometers with: (10 m/s2) acceleration units, (10 mm/s) velocity units and (10 µm) displacement units
  • Vibration frequency: w=1000 rad/s (f=159.15 Hz)
  • Accelerometers weighting up to 500 g
  • Suitable instrument for verifying accelerometers on the measurement site

Main Features

The CV110 calibrator for vibration is a user-friendly precision instrument that allows you to verify vibrometers quickly and efficiently.

The CV110 calibrator for vibration generates a mechanical vibration at a quartz-precision frequency and a very stable signal level. A reference accelerometer inside the shaker head and a control circuit keep the vibration level constant and independent of the weight of the fixed accelerometer.

The CV110 allows calibrating accelerometers with: (m/s2) acceleration units, (mm/s) velocity units and (µm) displacement units with nominal values of: 10 m/s2, 10 mm/s and 10 µm. The frequency of vibration is w =1000 rad/s (f=159.15 Hz). The vibration calibrator allows accelerometers weighing up to 500 g.

The CV110 vibration calibrator has rubber pads in order to insulate it from vibrations transmitted through the contact surface.

The transport briefcase supplied together with the CV110 allows its easy and comfortable transportation.

Standards and certificates

Table of standards

EN ISO 8041:2005_2
/ANNEX A: Vibration calibrator
ISO 8041:2005_2
/Cor1:2007/ANNEX A: Vibration calibrator