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GIP (Global Insulation Package) of CESVA adapted to the new standard insulation


The ISO 16283 series of standards is already changing the way the measurement of sound insulation is done and presents new challenges to all companies and engineers which had incorporated the ISO 140 standard in their measurement procedures.

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CESVA limiters in the Jardins de Pedrables Festival 2015


The company Modelo Ingeniería Acústica and Audiovisual was responsible for recording sound pressure levels concerts to control the noise impact of the Festival, which was held with the limiter CESVA LRF-04.

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Software CIS and CMA CESVA adapted to the new ISO 16283-1 and ISO 12999-1 standards


CESVA has adapted its programs CESVA insulation Studio (CIS) and CESVA Measuring Assistant (CMA) to the new ISO 16283-1: 2014 and ISO 12999-1: 2014 standards.

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CESVA limiters control once again the sound levels in the best music festival of the world: Primavera Sound


Once again CESVA limiters have controlled the sound levels of the best music festival of the world, as Time out magazine has proclaimed the Primavera Sound festival.

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New design, Bluetooth® and wireless technology incorporated and with optional battery


CESVA presents its latest MI006 tapping machine with new features: A new design that provides MI006 with more robustness and a slight reduction in weight.

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CESVA offers a Workshop about the instrumentation for noise measurements in Seville


On June 12th, CESVA travelled to Seville to impart a workshop about the instrumentation for environmental measurements: sound level meters, vibrometers, acoustic and vibration calibrators and environmental terminals for noise monitoring.

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The LRF-05 sound limiter and the LIDACO Online Inspection System of limiters have been approved regarding Ordinance 6/2012 of the Junta de Andalucía (Spain)


Andalucía is pioneering the use of limiters for controlling acoustic noise generated by activities with musical reproduction equipment.

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