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Studio Editor

Capture Studio Editor

An intuitive, user-friendly tool with which you can edit data of CESVA Spectral Analysers and  CESVA Dosimeters.

  • Editing of .ccf files downloaded from CESVA spectral analysers
  • Dynamic selection and elimination of intervals of measurement
  • Zoom function
  • Calculation of global and spectral values, and statistics for time measured
  • Selective export of functions into various formats (Excel, Text)
  • Selection of functions to export and also the "Overload" information

Main features

Capture Studio Editor is a software application which enables you to edit the data acquired by CESVA spectral analysers SC310, SC260, SC-30, SC160 and dosimeters DC112. It is an intuitive, user-friendly tool with which you can delete any stretch of the measured time you choose, and obtain the overall and spectral values of the selected stretch, as well as statistical information (such as maximums, minimums and percentiles).

The application allows you to demarcate the measurement by extracting those stretches which have been disrupted by undesired extraneous noises (such as cars, barking dogs, banging doors, etc) and define the limits of the measurement. The acoustic functions are calculated from the new field of data.

Capture Studio Editor has been designed to be totally compatible with the Windows® environment, which enables the user to export graphics and tables via the clipboard, which means the acoustic report can be personalised. In addition, converting .ccf files into .txt, .xls or .mdb format enables you to work with data obtained from other applications.

*NOTE: check which types of files can be edited.