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Acoustic limiter in high definition

Sound level limiter, analyzer and frequency recorder by 1/3 octave

  • Clear sound, no distortions or cuts
  • 1/3 octave from 50 Hz to 5 kHz according to IEC 61260
  • FullHD video output for HDMI devices
  • Up to 4 class 1 sensors 
  • Easy installation with responsive Webserver
  • Graphic equalizer by 1/3 octave
  • Adaptable to any music source
  • Biannual calendar for programming closing times
  • ENOS with adjustable attack and release
  • Telematic transmission via WIFI (2.4/5.0 GHz)* and Ethernet
    (*) depending on version

Main Features


It continuously measures and registers the sound emission level, the level of immission through the sound insulation by 1/3 octave bands, and a wide range of acoustic functions: LAeq, LCeq, Sliding LAeq, Expected music level, spectrum  by 1/3 octave band...
1/3 octave band filters comply with IEC 61260 and National building codes.

The main and secondary sensors have a class 1 measuring accuracy according to IEC 61672-1. Are fully sealable and can register sound levels and incidences up to every minute. It also registers any action done in the limiter, keeping track of what has been done, when and who has done it.

The LF010 has a colour touch screen to show the measured information and the state of the communications.


Video output compatible with HDMI monitors, it allows the sound engineer/DJ to see in real time clear and intuitive information to keep optimally controlled sound levels below the limit. This new approach allows the DJ to perform self-control and in this way the limiter does not have to apply abrupt attenuations.

It allows the activity owner to give visibility to events, parties, advertisements of sponsoring brands and also to show own promotions and articles.


The LF010 has 1 main control sensor that can be complemented with up to 3 additional secondary sensors; All pre-calibrated, without adjustment. 

The LF010 detects manipulations of all the sensors, including the secondary ones and controls the serial number of all of them, avoiding the fraudulent use of diverse sensors. And LF010 allows applying different offsets to each sensor.

Easy to install with responsive webserver

It has a built-in responsive webserver that allows you to install, program and download data from a laptop, tablet or smartphone (Windows, IOs, Linux, Android) via Ethernet (RJ45) or WIFI

Graphic equalizer by 1/3 octave band

It has a 1/3 octave band equalizer (10 Hz to 20 kHz) to equalize the room and achieve the highest sound quality.  

Adaptable to any music source

Adaptable to Mixer, mp3/mp4 player, computer with multimedia player application, subscription service like Spotify or professional mixing software.  

Biannual calendar for programming closing times

Biannual calendar for programming closing times for public holidays, holidays (Summer) and special public holidays (New Years Eve).

ENOS with adjustable attack and release

Different limitation modes for Attack and Release. Music gap detector and improved ENOS system (no music cuts produced by audience screaming or clapping).  


Telematic transmission via WIFI and Ethernet

WIFI  (2.4/5.0 GHz)* and Ethernet communications integrated to connect to the Internet and to LIDACO (online activity inspection platform).
(*) depending on version

Standards and certificates

Table of standards

Complies with 2014/30/UE and EMC 2014/35/UE regulations


CESVA Limiter Studio

CESVA Limiter Studio is a software designed to store and analyze, locally and in an orderly manner, data downloaded from the entire set of limiters managed by an installer and/or an administration, allowing you to dispense with the use of an online platform.


  • Import of limiter data in CLS format
  • List view of all imported limiters
  • Possibility of adding contact information for the activity linked to each limiter
  • Visualization of the programming parameters, the historical of actions and the calendar of each limiter
  • Visualization of data related to the programming parameters, the history of actions and the calendar of each limiter
  • Visualization of the acoustic functions and incidents of each limiter, in graphic and/or numerical format of a selectable range
  • Download files in CSV or CLS format with records defined within a selectable range
  • Generation of reports in PDF format referring to the parameters of programming, the historical of actions, the calendar, the registers in graphic format and to the registers in numerical format
  • Creation and import of Backups with the data of the entire list of limiters loaded to date
  • Available languages: Spanish, Catalan, English and Portuguese

Optional accessories


Secondary sensor


Hub for secondary sensors


External display with cable (10 m)


Giant external display of 61x32x8 cm with digits of 10x6.5 cm with cable 10m


Pliers for sealing


Plastic seals 9 mm diameter (100 units)


Special wire for sealing (10 m roll)


Controlling relay box with 2 relays


Quick guide for installing the LF010

Installation and programming reports

Acoustic limiter LF010

Video output: Live sound enginner