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Sound level meter and spectrum analyser

Integrating Sound level meter class 2 with touch screen expandable to spectrum analyzer for octave and third octave bands

  • Capacitive colour touch screen
  • Built-in memory with CSV Files
  • Backerase of the last 10 seconds
  • USB-C connectivity, Bluetooth® integrated and WIFI communication
  • Ready for Apps for mobile or Tablet (Android)
  • Expandable to spectrum analyzer for octave and third octave bands

Main Features

Colour Touch Screen

The SC202 has a colour touch screen to manage the complete equipment. Its capacitive screen is 3.5” size, it helps to any action will be very fast and intuitive. The screen of the SC202 shows a clear and sharp view even in broad daylight; it also lights up automatically when the sound level meter is turned on.

Single Measuring Range

The SC202 has a single measurement range, from 30.5 dBA to 140.0 dBC peak. This fact saves time since it is not necessary to configure the equipment previously. It also avoids having to repeat measurements due to measuring out range.

Sound level meter expandable to 1/3 Octave

The SC202 is expandable through FR202* module, this activates the spectral analysis by octave band (1/1) and third octave band (1/3). Performing frequency analysis increases the applications that can be evaluated with the SC202, such as tonal components, low frequency or acoustic absorption of materials.

Wireless sound level meter: Bluetooth / WiFi

The SC202 has internal Bluetooth® communication to connect it to a device (Tablet, mobile,…)
and thus to be able to operate the SC202 remotely using the SC202 Link** App from CESVA. The WIFI communication of the SC202 allows to send the memories to the CESVACloud** server this means to have the memories immediately from anywhere. It also allows to update the firmware version and activate the modules purchased, only by connecting the sound level meter to internet.

(**) in process 

Built-in memory with CSV Files

The SC202 has internal memory to store the recordings made and final results. In addition
to the history of date and time changes, sensitivity adjustment and firmware version. These data are saved in csv files and can be opened from different operating systems as Microsoft Windows®, Mac OS® or LINUX®. The SC202 csv files are compatible with the CESVA Lab application.

NC/NR curves and backerase

The SC202 evaluates the spectrum according the NC (Noise Criterion) and NR (Noise Reduction) curves families, this feature allows the equipment to carry out the evaluation of background noise in rooms. With the BACKERASE option, allows the SC202 to eliminate unwanted audible events corresponding to the last 10 seconds before a pause.


Numerically displays three functions (F1, F2, and F3). This screen allows modifying the function to be displayed regardless of the status (play, rec, pause or stop).


It shows the temporal evolution and the value of the functions (F1, F2, and F3), graphically represents the last 60 measured values.


Pass / Not pass

It graphically displays the values ​​of the F1 function together with the threshold level. And represents in red the values ​​that exceed the threshold level. The threshold level can be modified at any time.

Optional Modules

FR202 - 1/3 and 1/1 OCTAVE FILTERS

What does it measure?

8 Hz to 16 kHz octave bands filters analysis and 6.3 Hz to 20 kHz 1/3-octave band filters analysis, plus overall functions.


  • Hearing protection selection (by octaves) 
  • Noise evaluation of air conditioning equipment
  • Industrial noise analysis of machinery (development, quality control and maintenance)
  • Assessment of environmental noise (class 2) (Corrections for the presence of tonal and impulsive components and low frequency content)

Standards and certificates

Table of standards

IEC 61672-1:2013_2
Class 2 sound level meter
EN 61672-1:2013_2
Class 2 sound level meter
IEC 61260-1:2014_2
Class 2 filters
EN 61260-1:2014_2
Class 2 filters
OIML R 58:1998
Class 1 Sound level meter
OIML R 88:1998
Class 1 Integrating sound level
OIML R 130:2001
Class 1 Filters
ANSI S1.4:2014_2
/Part 1 class 2 sound level meter
ANSI S1.43-1997(R2007)_2
Class 2 Integrating sound level
ANSI S1.11-2004(R2009)_2
Class 2 Filters
DIN 45657:2014
regarding the Taktmaximalpegel function
IEC 61010-1:2010
A1:2019 II polution degree
EN 61010-1:2010
A1:2016 II polution degree
Complies with 2014/30/UE and EMC 2014/35/UE regulations

Type-approval Certificates

14/09/2021: Type examination
24/02/2022: Additional 1 Type examination
18/04/2023: Additional 2 Type examination
04/06/2024: Additional 3 Type examination

20/04/2022: Type-approval Certificate

08/12/2022: Type-approval Certificate

App for mobile devices

CESVA SC202 Link

Now available on Google Play for free. SC202 Link is a mobile application designed for Android. Thanks to its intuitive operation, the user can take measurements with the SC202 sound level meter from the touch screen of a smartphone and configure its measurement parameters remotely.

The connection of the SC202 Link application with the SC202 is done through Bluetooth and allows full control of the sound level meter: switch from measurement mode to another easily sliding through the screens, start and stop measurement, pause, backerase and zoom to visualize in greater detail the differences and similarities between levels of the charts.

SC202 Link allows to display in real time the graphic and numerical information of the measurement modules of the SC250: Sound level meter, 1/3 Spectrum analyser*, 1/1 spectrum analyser*, NC and NR curves. During the measurement, in addition to selecting the parameters that are displayed on screen and the time base, you can also modify the evaluation threshold from the Pass / Fail screen.

*Optional modules

Simply mount the SC202 sound level meter on a tripod at the measurement point, place yourself at a suitable distance, connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth and start measuring remotely safe from potentially dangerous environments and without interfering with measurement in sensitive environments.

Install CESVA SC202 Link

More information


The SC202 sound level meter measures a lot of functions for very long periods of time. The best way to approach the analysis of all these functions is to use the CESVA Lab software application. 

Download data

CESVA Lab is cost free and gives you a simple way to download all the information from the SC202. 

View and Listen

CESVA Lab provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface which allows numerically and graphically display of all the measurement information on the screen in several synchronized panels (spectrum and time history graphs and 3D spectrograms). CESVA Lab has a very powerful zoom  and pan tool for finding the desired section

Export and Resport

CESVA Lab allows you to copy any table or graph from the screen to the clipboard to be able to paste it into any text editor. In addition, simply by pressing a button, you create a PDF report with all the information of the selected instant, personalized with your own annotations. It also allows you to work with spreadsheets. CESVA Lab always exports with the same format, this allows you to create your own spreadsheets templates and reports.

Edit and re-calculate

If what you want is to recalculate a section, simply select it, add it to a layer and simply calculate. Different layers, containing several sections, can be calculated simultaneously. Each layer is calculated and saved in a separate file.

Results in Excel

The results of each layer are automatically copied to the Clipboard;, thus they can be pasted directly into a text editor (Excel, Word, Access ...). 

Result Merging Tools

The Result Merging Tools (SE003) brings together the final results of multiple measurements in a single file (. csv). It is a practical and simple software that, together with the CESVA sound level meters, becomes the perfect solution for all types of measurement campaigns.

How does Result Merging Tools work?

Groups the final results of several measurements in a single csv file. Select the folder where the measurements you want to group are located, select the measurements, the functions and the frequency weighting that you want to appear in the resulting csv file. Click the button to create the csv final file. This will appear automatically in the same folder where we had the initial measurements. The csv final file will contain the final results of the measurements we had selected. The Result Merging Tools (RMT) merges, in a single file (. csv), the final results of different measurements carried out with the SC250/SC202 or SC420 sound level meters. This software allows you to customize the resulting file to fit the user's needs. Result Merging Tools (RMT) is characterized by its simplicity of use and compatibility with most applications. In addition to saving work time, it eliminates errors made when grouping results manually. In a few seconds the user will obtain a file with the final results of all measurements.

Complete sets


Set consisting of: SC202 sound level meter, CB012 Sound level calibrator and ML013 transporting briefcase


Set consisting of: SC202 sound level meter, CB012 Sound level calibrator, TR40 tripod and ML043 transporting briefcase


Set consisting of: SC202 sound level meter, CB012 Sound level calibrator, TR40 tripod and ML063 transporting briefcase

Optional accessories


Class 2 acoustic calibrator


3 m extension rod for microphones. Adaptor for microphone supplied.


Tripod for sound level meter, dosimeter and microphone. Maximum height 1.1 meters.


Tripod for sound level meter, dosimeter and microphone. Maximum height 1.55 meters.


Tripod Support for cable CNR-ITV, CN105 and CN110.


Extension cable 5m


Extension cable 10m


Converter for battery 12 V to 5 V (USB-C)


Mains power feeder with USB


Carrying case (39 x 32 x 12 cm) for sound level meter and acoustic calibrator


Carrying case (48 x 37 x 16 cm) for sound level meter, acoustic calibrator and Tripod


Carrying case special  weather (51 x 38 x 15 cm) for sound level meter, acoustic calibrator and Tripod


SC202 (class 2) has the same features as SC250 (class 1)

SC202 Link, App for sound level meter SC202