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Sound Level Recorder

Sound Level Logger with led indicator of sound limit exceeded, specially designed for machinery control & noisy activities (pubs, discos, etc).

  • Sound level recorder
  • It registers all incidents
  • It can be completely sealed
  • Adaptable to any kind of regulation
  • Internal Battery
  • Data retrieval by printer and serial connection with PC
  • Controls noise from: establishments with games machines, televisions, etc...
  • Other applications include: noise between dwelling units, noise control for the community...

Main Features

The RS-60 sound level logger measures and records the sound pressure level inside the room in which it is installed. The RS-60 consists of a central recording unit and a sensor developed for CESVA sound level meters.

The programming information and recorded sound levels for the past 60 days remain in the permanent memory and cannot be lost, even if the battery runs out.

A luminous remote display may be connected to the LRF-05, allowing you to observe the measured sound pressure level in real-time.

The RS-60 is a small and compact unit, completely sealed and protected against possible manipulation.

It features two illuminated indicators, to tell you that the environmental noise does not exceed legal limits, or to warn that you are exceeding them.

With the assistance of the REL-2 relay box, the RS-60 may be converted into a sound limiter.

PC Software

RS-60 Software

SFTR60 is the software application of the RS-60, this application allows you to: download the data measured by the RS-60, choose the data to be downloaded, create reports of the data supplied by the software, display in graphic and numerical mode the RS-60 data, erase the memory of the RS-60, test the sensor, disconnect the RS-60 from the mains to prepare the equipment for transport and programme all the parameters on just one screen (password protected ).

The SFTR60 allows you to make a detailed study of what has happened in the establishment as it provides a detailed report of the sound levels and incidences.

SFTR60 provides you with a convenient, user-friendly environment for obtaining, in digital format, data acquired by the RS-60.

The SFTR60 is completely indispensable for programming the RS-60 because this equipment does not have display or keyboard.

Optional accessories


Giant external display of 61x32x8 cm with digits of 10x6.5 cm with cable 10m


External display with cable (10m)


Controlling relay box with 2 relays


Pliers for sealing


Plastic seals 9 mm diameter (100 units)


Special wire for sealing (10 m roll)


MR210 modem for RS60 (includes MA102 adapter)


Adapter via LAN for RS60


Adapter via Wi-Fi for RS60


Feeder for communication module