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Tapping Machine

A standardised (ISO 16283-2, ISO 10140-5 and ISO 140-7 ) Tapping Machine designed to generate normalised impact noise for laboratory and field measurements of impact sound insulation.

  • Fulfils specifications of lSO 16283-2, ISO 10140-5 e ISO 140-7
  • Remote control included
  • Easy transportation
  • Robust lightweight design
  • Overheating protection
  • Optional battery

Main Features

The MI006 consists of five hammers in-line. Each hammer weighs 500 g and falls free from a distance of 40 mm. The average time between impacts is 100 ms.

3 rubber feet support the unit in order to insulate the tapping machine from vibration.


The MI006 is a standardised tapping machine specially designed to fulfill the specifications of ISO 16283-2, ISO 10140-5 and ISO 140-7: Measurements of impact sound insulation of floors in laboratory and field environments and ISO 717-2: Rating of Impact sound insulation.


The MI006 must be powered from the main supply or through the rechargeable battery MB006*.

The MI006 has overheating protection to avoid damage in case of abnormal operation, blocking or overworking.

PC Software

Software MI005/MI006

The SF005 is a software application designed to control the CESVA MI005/MI006 tapping machine from a computer. This remote control can be made via the serial cable or via a wireless connection.

The user-friendly application SF005 allows you to control the movement of the hammers of the tapping machine, which are responsible for the generation of impact sound.

Optional accessories


Bluetooth device for Wireless communications (for PC).


Internal lithium battery to power the MI006