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ICP® Accelerometer with high level of sensitivity and excellent frequency response.

  • ICP® compatible Accelerometer
  • Sensitivity: 1000 mV/g
  • Low noise
  • Frequency Range (± 10%): 0,35 - 2600 Hz
  • Measurement of human exposure to whole body vibration in buildings and verification, analysis and vibration measurement of machinery.

Main Features

The AC006 is high sensitivity piezoelectric accelerometer. It excels in the measurement of human exposure to different kinds of vibration, due to its excellent response at low frequencies. It is designed with a piezoelectric crystal in shear mode, virtually eliminating base strain, thermal transients and other phenomena that are accentuated at low frequencies. Because it is an active transducer, the AC006 requires a constant current source to power the internal circuitry which gives it low internal impedance.

Optional Accessories


Bag with 40 adhesives for accelerometers


Cube for triaxial measurements with accelerometers