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Acoustic calibrator class 1

Acoustic calibrator class 1 based on a feedback loop system for the verification of sound level meters and dosimeters

  • Acoustic calibrator class 1 (CB011) according to IEC 60942:2017
  • Feedback loop design
  • Great level (94 dB) and frequency (1 kHz) stability with led indicator.
  • Independent of environmental conditions: atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity
  • Automatic power off with microphone presence detection and continuous operation option
  • Ergonomic anti-roll design
  • Type approval according to ICT/155/2020

Main Features

Innovative design

CB011 calibrator is portable and very easy to use, which makes it useful for the verification of sound level meters (class 1 and class 2) and dosimeters at the point of measurement and in the laboratory.
Its ergonomic design prevents the calibrator rolling when placed on a flat surface.
The CB011 is managed with just one button. 
Is thas two LEDs (ON and 94 dB), both visible throughout the verification process, which keep the user informed of the level stability and also the state of the batteries.

Feedback loop

The operation of the CB011 is based on a feedback loop system. In this way, the level generated is independent of the environmental conditions in which the equipment is located.
In addition, this calibrator has a protection system that prevents the equipment from being turned on involuntarily, both after use and due to accidental power on.

Standards and certificates

Table of standards

IEC 60942:2017
Class 1 Sound Calibrator
Complies with 2014/30/UE and EMC 2014/35/UE regulations

Type-approval Certificates

11/12/2020: Type examination

13/12/2022: Type-approval Certificate