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CESVA is the only Spanish company specializing in the design, manufacture and commercialization of acoustic equipment such as condenser microphones, sound level meters, spectrum analysers and other precision acoustic instruments. Our R+D (Research + Development) division is composed of four departments staffed by highly qualified engineers specializing in several areas; Acoustics, Mechanics, Electronics and Information Technology. The purpose of these departments is to develop new CESVA products. Also, thanks to the work of our team, we have our own patents.

With over 40 years of experience and innovation our departments of marketing, export, purchases, production, quality control, R+D, information technology, technical service, etc. have had to change and grow day by day in order to adapt to our own requirements and also fulfil the needs of our customers. An efficient and agile distribution network has allowed our products to be present all over the world. Nowadays millions of people are users of our products.

CESVA instruments has the privilege of being a pioneer company in the world of professional acoustics, and it has always surrounded itself with the best professionals capable of creating and developing new products using the most innovative and advanced technologies.

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