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New “Results Merging Tools” (RMT) software to merge measurement results in a single file

The new software allows you to obtain, in a single csv file, the final results of several measurements carried out with CESVA sound level meters (SC250, SC202 or SC420.

CESVA once again responds to the needs of its clients and users of CESVA sound level meters with the creation of the new “Results Merging Tools” Software. This new software application allows you to obtain all the final results of a measurement campaign in a single file. It is as easy as indicating the sound level meter model used and selecting all the measurements that you want to merge.

The resulting csv file will have a line for each measurement with its final results. In addition, it is possible to select the functions that you want to incorporate and whether or not to include overload and underange information. It is also possible to apply the A or C frequency weighting filter to the spectral information.

Results Merging Tools (RMT) is characterized by its simplicity and easy handling and is 100% compatible with Microsoft Excel since it works with csv files. With Results Merging Tools you save time and you avoid copy-paste errors by moving large amounts of your measurement data into your worksheet.

The selection of functions is very interesting, so you transfer to the worksheet only the necessary information for the calculations corresponding to the application carried out: Environmental noise evaluation, noise measurements in the workplace, insulation measurements, etc. With Results Merging Tools (RMT) you obtain, in a few seconds, the information necessary to perform all the calculations.

            Results Merging Tools