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The CESVA Lab software is already compatible with the SC250 Class 1 and SC202 Class 2 sound level meters

CESVA Lab is the download, visualization and editing software for the SC420 sound level meter and now also for the new SC250 and SC202 sound level meters (Class 1 and Class 2).
The new software version not only incorporates its compatibility with the new CESVA sound level meters, but also includes some new features:

• Full compatibility with the SC250/SC202 sound level meters: Allows to import the downloaded data from the sound level meters, numerical display in tables and graphs: time history, frequency and spectrogram graphs, export data to the clipboard and Excel, export tables and graphs to the clipboard and Word to create reports, multiple edition in layers, functions recalculation and chopping large files.

Monitor application: The monitor application is very useful to cut long files into smaller files and recalculate all the corresponding parameters. Now this application allows you to cut files by starting the cuts at the exact time.

Improvement in the selection of sections: This new version of CESVA Lab allows to identify the start and end of the selected intervals by date and time.

Multiple export of edited layers: This new feature is very interesting as it saves a lot of time by copying the final result of all the edited layers directly to the clipboard; without having to open each file corresponding to each edited layer to copy them to the clipboard and paste them into Excel.

This software is free to download and it is available at the following link:


         Import to CESVA Lab of the data downloaded from the SC250 sound level meter

      Graphical and numerical visualization of data from the SC250 and SC202 sound level meters

Multiple layer edition and copy to clipboard of the calculated final results of each layer, to paste it directly into Excel.