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2013-Nov-19 · Cursos e eventos

Smart city expo World Congress 2013

From November 19th to 21th 2013 will be held in Barcelona a new edition of Smart City expo World Congress.

Smart City Expo World Congress will gather professionals and experts from around the world to present and discuss the best ideas on how to make cities more accessible, manageable and focused on citizens.

Cities will have a major role dealing with the fundamental challenges of the 21st century: climate change and other environmental threats. Transform cities into smart cities and encourage a model of ecological urban growth will be vital to ensure the long-term economic prosperity of our urban future.

The Congress will show the available solutions and exploring business opportunities in this new industry and will deal with issues about energy, technology and innovation, smart society & collaborative city, sustainable built environment, mobility, governance & Economy, city resilience & security and Smart geo (geo- information systems, remote sensing,.)
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From November 19th to 21th 2013

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