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Sound level meters

From inspection sound level meters to octave band and third octave band spectral analysers for advanced measurements  

Noise Sensor


All acoustic instruments need constant verification of their performance. CESVA calibrators are a simple means by which to carry out this verification.

PC Software

Software applications to download and record measured data. It also displays this data in graphical and numerical formats and creates reports.

Sound Sources

Sound sources to measure insulation and sound reverberation time, able to generate both pink and white noise.


Allows you to control any musical activity and guarantee that the sound levels reached will never be high enough to disturb people in neighbouring buildings


The essential equipment for vibrations measurements


 By virtue of our wide experience in this field, we have become one of the world's major manufacturers of precision measurement microphones


The best way to deal with a measurement campaign is to have a tailor-made measuring solution that fulfills all of your needs including the most subtle ones, turning any measurement into an quick and easy task.