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Sound Insulation

CESVA has spectral analysers, sound level meters, amplifiers and machines for measuring and assessing impact sound insulation.


For environmental measurements, CESVA has instrumentation with the following features: outdoor kits, large memories, detection of tonal and impulsive components.

Noise Monitoring

Sensing of Smart Cities, permanent monitoring of road and port infrastructures, industrial activities, work control, monitoring of noise in concerts, festivals, noise maps generation, etc.

Smart Cities

CESVA has equipment for sensing smart cities, permanent monitoring of noise and real time display of noise levels.

Industrial Noise & Vibration

CESVA has many products to identify, measure and evaluate the health risks of workers from noise & vibration.


CESVA has an extensive product range for sound power measurements.


CESVA has products to perform  quick and easy measurements of exhaust noise from vehicles.

Community Noise

CESVA has its own range of instrumentation in which you will find the most suitable instrument for the regulation you need to evaluate.