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Sound Level Meter and Spectrum Analyser

Class 1 Sound Level Meter expandable to 1/3-octave band spectrum analyser

  • Class 1 sound level meter
  • USB and RS-232 communication ports
  • Real time spectrum analysis in 1/3-octave bands (Optional)
  • Reverberation time measurement (Optional)
  • Measures all parameters simultaneously with A, C & Z frequency-weightings
  • One single range

Main Features

The SC310 is a user-friendly, type 1 integrating sound level meter. It can be used as either a sound level meter or as a real time spectrum analyser for both 1/3-octave bands and whole octave bands - with Type 1 filters.

The SC310 measures all functions simultaneously, with all frequency-weightings. Amongst these are all the functions necessary to calculate the basic indices for the acoustic evaluation of most countries in the world: S, F and I functions, equivalent continuous levels, percentiles, impulsiveness indices, peak levels, sound exposure levels, short functions, etc.

Thanks to its modular platform, the SC310 can be expanded with advanced measurement options, such as 1/3-octave band spectrum analysis, FFT analysis or reverberation time measurement.

The free memory space can be also configured as a circular memory. This feature along with the possibility of downloading data simultaneously to its storage, converts the SC310 into the perfect platform for permanent acoustic monitoring.

The SC310 preamplifier and microphone are detachable. You can uncouple the microphone and move it away from the SC310 by using the extension cable (CNR-010). The instrument can be complemented with an outdoor kit (TK-1000) for making measurements in the open air.

Optional modules

FB310 - Spectrum Analyser module in 1/1 and 1/3-octave bands

What does it measure?

20 Hz to 10 kHz 1/3-octave band filters analysis and 31.5 Hz to 16 kHz octave band filters analysis


  • Sound Insulation measurements
  • Noise measurements for air conditioning installations (HVAC)
  • Frequency analysis of industrial, environmental and workplace noise

EF310 - Extended Frequencies

What does it measure?

Extended Frequencies one-third octave band (10 Hz - 20 kHz) and overall parameters (simultaneous measurement of impulsiveness, tonal components and low frequency). Includes FFT analysis (430 lines up to 20 kHz).


  • Environmental measurements

RT310 - Measurement of reverberation time

What does it measure?

The reverberation time (interrupted noise method) for all the octave bands from 63 Hz to 8 kHz and for all the 1/3-octave bands from 50 Hz to 10 kHz.


  • Measurement of reverberation time in rooms
  • Measurement of absorption coefficients in reverberant rooms
  • Sound insulation in buildings and building elements

VM310 - Human exposure to whole-body vibration in buildings module (1 - 80 Hz)

What does it measure?

Vibration measurement set human exposure to whole-body vibration in buildings module (1 – 80 Hz), includes preamplifier for ICP© PA001 accelerometers. Includes FFT analysis (430 lines up to 1 kHz). (Does not include accelerometer)


  • Vibration measurements

DS310 - Dosimeter module for the measurement of noise exposure

What does it measure?

Dosimeter module simultaneously measures all the parameters necessary to evaluate the noise exposure of the worker, with and without hearing protectors (SNR, HML and Octaves).


  • Directive 2003/10/EC regarding the protection of the health and safety of workers against risks regarding the exposure to noise. 

Standards and certificates

Table of standards

IEC 61672-1:2002
Class 1 Sound level meter
IEC 60651:2001
Class 1 Sound level meter
IEC 60804:2000
Class 1 Integrating sound level
IEC 61260:1995
Class 1 Filters
OIML R 58:1998
Class 1 Sound level meter
OIML R 88:1998
Class 1 Integrating sound level
OIML R 130:2001
Class 1 Filters
ANSI S1.4-1983(R2006)
Part 1 Type 1 Sound level meter
ANSI S1.43-1997(R2007)
Class 1 Integrating sound level
ANSI S1.11-2004(R2009)
Class 1 filters
EN 60651:1994
/A1:1994/A2:2001 Class 1 Sound level meter
EN 60804:2000
Class 1 Integrating sound level
EN 61260:1995
EN 61672-1:2003
Complies with 2014/30/UE and EMC 2014/35/UE regulations

Type-approval Certificates

2011/10/12: Type-approval Certificate
2011/11/22: Supplement 1

2003/09/05: Model Approval
2005/06/30: Non-substantial modification

2005/03/11: Type-approval Certificate

PC Software

CESVA Capture Studio

CAPTURE Studio is a comprehensive software application that allows you to: configure all the parameters of the instrument on just one screen, retrieve & display data from the instrument in real time (increasing the capacity of the registers because it is limited by the available memory of the PC), download registers from the instrument memory to a PC, erase the instrument memory (so the instrument will be empty & so you will have the full capacity to save the new measurements), display the data files graphically and numerically, convert them into different formats (.txt, .xls, .mdb), copy the graphic and numeric information supplied by the software (to create personalized reports) and save the files in its own *.ccf format (which then cannot be changed and guarantees their total integrity and legality).

CAPTURE Studio provides you with a convenient, easy-to-use environment for obtaining digital data acquired by the instrument.

CAPTURE Studio has been designed as a work environment for the new range of CESVA products. Software available for Cesva sound level meters, vibrometers and dosimeters.

Complete sets


Set consisting of: SC310 Integrating-averaging sound level meter and real time spectrum analyser, CB006 Sound level calibrator, TR040 tripod, ML040 transporting briefcase


Set consisting of: SC310 Integrating-averaging sound level meter and real time spectrum analyser, CB006 Sound level calibrator, ML010 transporting briefcase


Set consisting of: SC310 Integrating-averaging sound level meter and real time spectrum analyser, CB006 Sound level calibrator, TR040 tripod, ML060 transporting briefcase

Optional accessories


ICP® accelerometer sensitivity 100 mV/g, frequency range (± 10%) 0,7 Hz to 10 kHz


ICP® accelerometer sensitivity 1000 mV/g, frequency range (± 10%) 0,35 Hz to 2600 Hz


Bag with 40 adhesives for accelerometers


Cube for triaxial measurements with accelerometers


Magnetized support disc to fix accelerometers in place


3 m extension rod for microphones. Adaptor for microphone supplied.


Tripod support for the microphone


Tripod for sound level meter, dosimeter and microphone. Maximum height 1.1 meters.


Tripod for sound level meter, dosimeter and microphone. Maximum height 1.55 meters.


Outdoor kit


Extension cable 3m


Extension cable 10 m


Extension cable 30 m


AC output audio cable


Mains feeder 230 V 50 Hz to 5 V


Mains feeder 110 V 60 Hz to 5 V


Converter for battery 12 V to 5 V


Adapter RS to modem


Bluetooth device for Wireless communications (instrument).


Bluetooth device for Wireless communications (for PC).


Bluetooth antenna to obtain a range of 100 metres


Briefcase (48 x 37 x 16 cm)


Briefcase (39 x 32 x 12 cm)


Special outdoors briefcase (51 x 38 x 15 cm) for Sound Level Meter / Dosimeter / Vibrometer, Sound Calibrator and Tripod


Silica anti-humidity refill for TK1000 or TK200 outdoor kit


SC310 Sound Level Meter: Use and handling