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GIP (Global Insulation Package) of CESVA adapted to the new standard insulation

The ISO 16283 series of standards is already changing the way the measurement of sound insulation is done and presents new challenges to all companies and engineers which had incorporated the ISO 140 standard in their measurement procedures.

CESVA, following its commitment to offer user friendly equipment, has adapted its solution for measuring insulation GIP (Global Insulation Package) to the norm ISO 16283-1. The current GIP solution consists of the following elements:  
  ·        The SC420 sound level meter is class 1 according to IEC 61672-1 and incorporates a correction filter for diffuse field and can incorporate options for 1/3 octave band analysis and reverberation time measurement by interrupted noise and the integrated impulse response methods. It also includes parameters for the evaluation of non-linear decay curves and the influence of the filters parameters.  
·         The FP122 sound source consists of the new AP602 only 4.5 kg, graphic 1/3 octave band equalizer and remote control and the BP012 dodecahedron speaker with which you can reach 123 dB PWL.
    ·     The new MI006 tapping machine includes remote control and battery power option.
  ·       The CMA (CESVA Measuring Assistant) software includes step by step guide to sound insulation measurement according to ISO 16283-1 (default procedure and fixed microphone positions method)
  ·       The CIS (CESVA Insulation Studio) software incorporates the complete ISO 16283-1 standard: - Low frequency and default Procedures - Fixed microphone positions and manually-scanned and mechanized continuously-moving microphone methods - Evaluation of the stability of the measurements for detecting self-generated noise
  ·         The BT002 wireless communication device has been reduced to a minimum holding Class 1 (100m range).

The GIP solution is completely modular, expandable and can be used with several noise sources and sound level meters simultaneously. All devices already have built-in Bluetooth wireless communication technology. CIS, CMA and the new BT002 are fully compatible with Windows 10 and both software updates are free and available for downloading on the website of CESVA: