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SC250 Link: new App to control the CESVA SC250 sound level meter

The SC250 Link mobile app is now available on Google Play. The new app for Android allows remote and wireless control of the SC250 sound level meter.

Connecting the sound level meter via Bluetooth BLE is quick and easy. Once the sound level meter is connected, SC250 Link allows full control of it: start and stop a measurement (PLAY) and recording (REC), pause, backerase (BACKERASE), change the project label, sound level meter configuration and even take control of a sound level meter with a measurement/recording in progress.

The user interface of the SC250 Link App is even more intuitive than the one from the sound level meter and at the same time it is independent, being able to display different information from that shown on the sound level meter itself. In this way it is possible, for example, to identify the noise spectral content in the App while the time history of a global function is being controlled from the sound level meter. SC250 Link displays in real time the graphic and numerical information of the SC250 measurement modules: Sound level meter, 1/1 spectrum analyzer*, NC and NR curves*, 1/3 spectrum analyzer*. In addition, the evaluation threshold can be modified from the Pass/Fail screen. [* optional module].

But the most interesting utility of the SC250 Link App is the remote control of the SC250 sound level meter outside of sensitive environments (SC250 in a bedroom with a closed door and operator outside), outside of potentially dangerous environments (SC250 in a machine room and operator outside) or remote monitoring of a measurement (SC250 on a tripod at a height of 4 meters and an operator connecting periodically to check the measurement).

Is a free application and is already available to download it from Google Play: