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CESVA presents its new SC250 sound level meter that can be extended to a spectrum analyzer, and the new CB011 acoustic calibrator, both class 1. Both units have model approval in force in Spain emmited by the Spanish Metrology Center.

These units have been designed taking into account the latest technological trends and are prepared for the future changes that are expected to appear in the Acoustics regulatory framework. Furthermore, they are even more intuitive than any other instrument previously designed by CESVA, offering a unique user experience in the market.

SC250 Class 1 Sound Level Meter

The SC250 is a class 1 sound level meter optionally expandable (FR250) to spectrum analyzer by octave bands (8 Hz to 16 kHz) and third octave bands (6.3 Hz to 20 kHz) that measures all parameters simultaneously with a single measurement range from 23.5 dBA to 140.1 dBC.

Its capacitive colour touch screen allows, by sliding a single finger, access to all screens and configure in real time and during the measurement, the acoustic parameters displayed.

The SC250 stores the registers in memory in csv format simultaneously in different time bases without configuration (final results, parameters every 1 second, parameters every programmable T, LAF and LAeq every 20 ms).

The SC250 has a USB-C connector to power the equipment and transfer data to a computer regardless of its operating system (Microsoft Windows®, Mac OS® or LINUX®). These csv files can be opened directly with Excel®
 and also imported into the free CESVA Lab software.

Thanks to its Bluetooth communication, the SC250 is ready to be operated from a smartphone or tablet with the SC250 Link + App (in preparation). In addition, the WIFI communication allows the sound level meter to receive online updates of the metrological firmware, activate modules and upload the measurements made to the CESVACloud server (in preparation) so the measurements are available from anywhere.

Among its most important applications are the evaluation of environmental noise (including tonality (optional), impulsivity and low frequency content) and noise at work (DIRECTIVE 2003/10/EC) including the selection of hearing protection, the inspection of noise generated by the motor vehicle, the control of the music level in concerts and the determination of the sound pressure level and the sound power level generated by machinery.

                                                 SC250 Class 1 Sound Level Meter

CB011 Class 1 Acoustic Calibrator 

The CB011 acoustic calibrator provides maximum reliability to the verification of sound level meters and dosimeters by basing its operation on a feedback system with an internal reference microphone. In this way, the level generated is independent of the environmental conditions and consequently of the altitude.

Its handling is extremely simple; just by pressing a button, the CB011 generates a sound pressure level of 94 dB inside its cavity at a frequency of 1 kHz. Its ergonomic  anti-roll design allows to the user to hold it comfortably, as well as seeing its two LEDs (ON and 94 dB) during the verification process to check the status of the batteries and the stability of the sound pressure level generated.

The CB011 is a class 1 calibrator and therefore allows to verify, both at the measurement point and in the laboratory, sound level meters or dosimeters with ½-inch microphones that can be verified in a closed cavity.
In addition, the CB011 has a protection system that prevents, when detecting the presence of the microphone, that the calibrator stays on unintentionally, both after use and due to accidental start-up.
                                           CB011 Class 1 Acoustic calibrator