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New screen for live sound technicians of LF010 acoustic Limiter

It is common that, in the majority of live events with amplified music, public administrations require the development of musical activity with the installation of an acoustic limiter that allows controlling and recording the noise levels emitted from that activity.

The LF010 acoustic Limiter has a video output to display, on a high definition monitor, all the numerical and graphic information necessary to efficiently develop any type of event or live show.

In this way, both sound technicians and acoustic engineers can efficiently carry out the technical control of the event, ensuring that the limit values ​​of the acoustic quality indices established in the respective regulations are not exceeded and at the same time making the most of the performance of the powerful audio equipment installed in these events.

CESVA has developed a new video tutorial in which it explains the operation and all the possibilities offered by this new feature.

The new video is now available on the CESVA YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZZIGgajyoRKqFa7nxtw3pg?view_as=subscriber

New screen for live sound technicians of LF010 acoustic Limiter