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New features of the CESVALab software for the SC420 sound level meter

The  SC420 sound level meter measures a lot of functions for very long periods of time and also records audio files automatically. The best way to approach the analysis of all these functions together with the qualitative information provided by the audio files is to use the CESVA Lab software application.

new version of CESVALab  software includes the following new features:  

- Higher download speed.

- Possibility of saving and recovering the configuration of the panels that are normally used. You can associate it with all the files of the same type or recovering it for a specific application (sound insulation, environmental, noise at work, ...) or a specific task (visualization, export, audio listening, ...).
- To ease the copy/paste of CESVALab content into other applications, a mark (red frame) in the active panel has been added.
- The MONITOR option is the solution to open very large files that occupy much memory space. When opening a file with the MONITOR option the time history display of one function is shown. Then it will be possible to place cutting marks in order to divide the large file into smaller files. Manual or periodic cutting marks can be made every minute, hour or day. Once the sections have been delimited, you can choose for which ones new files will be created and recalculated.

                                                                   THE MONITOR OPTION

This new version can be downloaded at
www.cesva.com  (DOWNLOAD section)