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LF010 Acoustic Limiter helps to control the acoustic impact of Alejandro Sanz’s concert

Axioma Consultors Acústics was in charge of controlling the acoustic impact of Alejandro Sanz's concert, which was held on Saturday, June 8, at the RCDE Stadium in Cornellà de Llobregat (Barcelona).

EMMA_dB, the on-line noise control and management platform developed by Axioma, was the tool chosen for noise level monitoring, both inside and outside the stadium.

The EMMA_dB platform centralize the reception of the different data channels, transmitted in real time, from the uninterrupted registers of CESVA instruments integrated in the platform, strategically located both inside the enclosure, and in external monitoring points.

At the Sound Control (FOH), the audio engineers had permanent and detailed information of the sound levels, including the spectra in 1/3 octave resolution, measured at the different points simultaneously, from the LF010 CESVA  a limiter-recorder, and all comfortably displayed through customizable icons and screens.

At the same time, those responsible for Production, and also the Local Authorities, were able to monitor the acoustic impact indicators through an access enabled to the web platform of EMMA_dB.

The versatility in the configuration of the visible parameters of the Acoustic Limiter of CESVA LF010, together with the monitoring and real-time processing features offered by EMMA_dB, has allowed the quick and transparent management of the acoustic impact in the vicinity of the stadium, maintaining sound levels below the maximum threshold allowed at all times, and minimizing any inconvenience by corrections made in real time, from the records of levels measured in nearby residential areas.

Alejandro Sanz presented his latest work, entitled #ElDisco, to 35,000 loyal fans, and reviewed his greatest successes, within the framework of La Gira, a show with which he toured the main Spanish cities during these months. The concert at the RCDE Stadium was even more special, due the surprise performance of Judit Nedermann, and the reappearance on the stages of Shakira, with whom they  perform a duet "La tortura
                               LF010 Acoustic Limiter  in the Alejandro Sanz’s  concert