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Risk Assessment Key

Risk Assessment Key

RAK Solution for the evaluation of occupational hazards

  • COMPLETE solution for the prevention of occupational risks: assesses both noise and vibration exposure.
  • EXTENDABLE system with dosimeters, sound level meters and vibrometers.
  • Programs for the management and assessment of workers exposure to risks, as well as problem detection.
  • Has a simulator of solutions to be applied.
  • Enables a record of the information to be created.

Main Features

RAK (Risk Assessment Key) is the complete solution to meet mandatory Directives 2003/10/EC and 2002/44/EC for the prevention of risks derived from exposure to noise and vibrations in the workplace.

RAK allows noise measurements to be taken using sound level meters with dosimeter function modules and dosimeters, as well as vibration measurements using vibrometers and triaxial accelerometers.

RAK includes the CSE and CRM software to analyse and obtain final results and create standardised reports.