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The LRF-05 sound limiter and the LIDACO Online Inspection System of limiters have been approved regarding Ordinance 6/2012 of the Junta de Andalucía (Spain)

Andalucía is pioneering the use of limiters for controlling acoustic noise generated by activities with musical reproduction equipment. In the current Ordinance 6/2012, where the Regulation on Protection against acoustic pollution was approved, Andalucía made another step forward in defining the characteristics to be met by the systems of testing and verification, including the correct operation of the limiters by data transmission.

These systems should be enforceable through a universal application accessible by the municipal technical services through a website with restricted access to their content and contain at least the installation and operating information required according to regulations.

In addition, this Ordinance requires manufacturers or importers of limiters that they must have the certificate of approval for these equipments.

CESVA has trusted AT4 wireless as independent laboratory to perform these tests and the emission of the certificate of approval.
Since May 28th, 2013 CESVA has the certificate approval of his LRF-05 limiter according to the Article 48 and paragraph 1 IT.6 Subsections a, b, c, d and e (includes LIDACO online inspection system of limiters) of the Ordinance 6/2012, 17th of January (BOJA nº 24 of 6th February 2012).


LRF-05 Sound Level Meter